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As an #overachievingCBD manufacturer, we’re always in the lab developing new products.

We’ve spent the past several months perfecting our new Touch topical series, which includes CBD lotion, pain freeze, mineral soak, and massage oil.

Though just weeks after its launch, we stopped the production of our new line of products because there is something that our community needs more: hand sanitizer.

Due to the shortage of alcohol-based hand sanitizer in the U.S. market, we’ve used the last of our supplies to create as much sanitizer as we could, 500 bottles.

Free Hand Sanitizer | Summit Labs Kore Organic

Kore Organic | Summit Labs 

But unlike other businesses who are profiting off of its sale, we decided to give our sanitizer away for free.

Kore Organic will provide all of its customers with a free 2oz bottle of our hand sanitizer with any $30 purchase. And as soon we get raw materials in stock, we’ll formulate another batch and give those bottles away as well.

With the global shutdown, it’s been difficult to acquire packaging and alcohol, but we’re exhausting all of our contacts to purchase more supplies to deliver high-quality sanitizer, just as you’d expect from us.

(Don’t worry, our other product lines are fully stocked!)

Free Hand Sanitizer | Summit Labs Kore Organic

Kore Organic | Summit Labs 

While other hand sanitizer manufacturers use 60% alcohol, ours is formulated with 70% alcohol and Vitamin E oil and handcrafted in small batches in our Florida Department of Agriculture certified facility.

At this time, our hand sanitizer contains zero CBD, but when we resume full production, we will create a CBD enhanced version.