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Whether you’re taking CBD for relief from anxiety, inflammation, pain, or general well-being, it’s effectiveness will be based on the number of milligrams you take and the potency of the product.

Kore Organic™ produces all its CBD products in our CGMP compliant lab and quadruple tests all of our products via a third-party lab to ensure that the potency level of milligrams listed on the package is accurate. We test that our organic CBD harvested from Northern Colorado and Kentucky is free of insecticides and pesticides, as well as test the metal and microbial content.

What Dosage is Most Effective?

Most of our products start with serving dosages of 15 milligrams (mg). We recommend to start with that dosage, then increase until you’ve reached your desired effect. In a recent poll by Kore Organic™, users said that 57% take less than 30 mg a day, while 43% take more than 60 mg a day.

A rule of thumb is to take 1-6 mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight, i.e. 150-pound person may take 15-90 mg. 

CBD tinctures (oils) are one of the most popular and fast-acting forms of taking CBD, as well as the easiest to measure. Our tinctures are made with organic CBD, grape seed, hemp seed, and MCT oils, compared to other brands that may use less effective (and cheaper) canola oil. Though every product is formulated differently. We find that many first-time customers start with CBD gummies for their ease of use, affordability, and portability.

What if CBD Hasn’t Worked for Me?

If you’ve tried CBD in the past with no positive results, try switching brands. There are several well-known companies with active class action lawsuits due to significantly lower CBD mg than what is stated on their packaging. Always chose a brand with easy-to-find third-party lab results and batch/lot numbers and expiration dates on the product.

Can I Take Too Much CBD?

Studies have shown that CBD has minimal side effects including dry mouth, tiredness, diarrhea, and changes in appetite and weight.

CBD dosages are not one size fits all, even for people with similar weights and heights due to the way it interacts with your endocannabinoid system. We do recommend consulting a physician if you take CBD in conjunction with any prescription medications or for serious illness.

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