KORE Organic CBD Affiliate Program


(Q) Why does our KORE Organic CBD affiliate program offer the highest payouts in the CBD industry?

(A) Simply put, we are not greedy like the other companies and believe in win win relationships you help us grow we help you grow and we share the profits as it should be. After all that should be part of one’s KORE values don’t you think! Let us take care of quality manufacturing and branding and you focus on the promoting and at the end of the day we all WIN! As a TEAM of individuals with TRUE KORE.

(Q) How do I know you will track my sales accurately and I will get paid properly?

(A) You will get paid accurately and here is why! We use a third-party world-class affiliate tracking application that does not reside on our servers and instead a trusted SaaS cloud solution trusted by over 30,000 online businesses so you’re in good hands and best of all we make payments twice a month on the 5th and 19th of each month! We set tracking cookies to 365 days and we also offer Life of Customer Commissions something no other CBD company does. As long as the customer reorders with the same email account you will continue to get paid for future orders now how about that for being a true affiliate partner 🙂

(Q) What about the quality of KORE Organic CBD products?

(A) If you care about the people you refer CBD products to and not just another snake oil sales person then have a seat and listen carefully for just a moment! 80% or more of the CBD companies manufacturing products today are doing so in their basement or garage and/or don’t have true quality control standards for real lab manufacturing. Do you want that kind of quality on your hands if not then keep reading.

We have a full time chemist on staff in charge of the manufacturing process. In fact, this person is so thorough with quality control we take all our CBD when it comes in and send it right back out the door to a third-party lab for testing to make sure it has the true potency we are both paying for and that there is no pesticide and chemicals that shouldn’t be there and this happens before we ever use the CBD in our products. If it doesn’t pass plain and simple we kick the product right the back out the door and don’t allow for use in our products!

Unlike the majority of CBD brands that 3rd party their products & most likely have no idea where their raw materials come from, we handcraft all of ours in house in a CGMP compliant certified lab where greatness is overachieved from start to finish. Kore Organic™ is a Korelaboration of bright & creative minds joined together to create the highest of quality products & concepts. Using top quality raw materials along with state of the art

laboratories, we deliver remarkable high end products that are second to none when it comes to the CBD industry. Kore is setting the industry standard in CBD products across the board. The CBD revolution starts at the KORE!

join the revolution by becoming an affiliate today!

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