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Sour Neon

This is by far the best experience I’ve had with CBD. Not only has it worked the best for me, but the customer service is excellent and the packaging is really nice. You can really tell when a company cares about their company and it shows with Kore Organic. Can’t wait to try more from them!

Anna G.

Verified Customer

“Yes” below means you could use a gummy –
1) Coronavirus stress – Is your senior citizen parent an essential employee and their retirement and health are in danger? Are you rationing your toilet paper because you stocked but didn’t hoard? Are your relatives obsessively forwarding FB articles?
2) Poor sleep schedule/patterns – Are you reading this at 3:50am? Have you memorized every meme because you can’t sleep? Does it feel like Groundhog’s Day?
3) Workout goals – Are you sore because Netflix and Abs? Or because navigating your home in lunges is all you can control?

This is a great product (actually excellent in quality – even my husband, the pessimist, was impressed!), and now is the perfect time to re-focus on emotional, mental, physical health management. I’m so glad this was recommended to me!

Smita K.

Verified Customer

I’ve been trying to look for a good CBD oil or gummies and I received these very quickly . I didn’t think they would do much for me, but they really mellowed me out. I’ve been pretty stressed with life with everything going on in the world right now, and trying to transition to working from home.. I took two gummies and I was feeling much more mellow and calm. Definitely would recommend

Angela S.

Verified Customer

Kore Organics is a GAME CHANGER for me!! I have Endometriosis which causes me to suffer from chronic pain I’ve been fighting for over 20 years now ever since I was diagnosed as a teenager!! With Kore Organics I can now manage my pain the safe non addictive way!! The gummies being yummy is just a plus!! The roll on Freeze is also very helpful along with the gummies!! Thank you Kore Organics!!!! 😍💖🏥

Tina A.

Verified Customer