About KORE 3rd Party Testing

Here at KORE ORGANIC®️ every product goes through multiple 3RD party testing to assure consumers get what they expect.

Our 3rd Part Testing Looks For:

A. Residual Solvents Profile

B. Insecticide 

C. Pesticide 

D. Metals/Microbial Profile

E. Cannabinoid Profile

F. Glyphosate       

(Glyphosate is legal in the U.S., though an agency of the World Health Organization concluded in 2015 that glyphosate probably causes cancer. In response, some nations have banned it, most recently Germany. Glyphosate kills cannabis, so growers of hemp and marijuana wouldn’t intentionally use it. But the weedkiller can show up in cannabis plants exposed to it through soil or wind.)


3rd party Test result from the Farm/Lab that process and isolates the CBD


Once we receive the CBD from the Farm/Lab we then quarantine the CBD and send it out once again to get it lab tested by a different 3rd party lab to make sure that the isolate is 99% and above and that there is Zero THC.

Once we receive the results then we produce all our products.


Once products are made ,we then send random samples from that batch and lot to test the accuracy in potency ,we want to make sure that end consumer gets what the ask for.

General CBD Testing

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