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Kore Organic™ CBD Gummies 15mg/105x 7ct


(198 customer reviews)

Kore Organic™ CBD Gummies 15mg/105x 7ct





If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you may request a full refund on the purchase price within 30 days.

• 7 count of CBD Gummies
• 105mg CBD per pouch
• 15mg of CBD per gummy
THC Free 2018 Farm Bill Compliant (legal in all 50 states)

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Unlike the majority of CBD Gummies brands that 3rd party their products & most likely have no idea where their raw materials come from, we handcraft all of ours in house in a CGMP compliant lab where greatness is overachieved from start to finish. Kore Organic™ is a Korelaboration of bright & creative minds joined together to create the highest of quality products & concepts. Using top quality raw materials along with state of the art laboratories, we deliver remarkable high-end, the very best CBD Gummies that are second to none when it comes to the CBD industry. Kore is setting the industry standard in CBD products across the board. The CBD revolution starts at the KORE!

Derived from the purest CBD strains in the united states. Our CBD is cultivated through Hydro Carbon Extraction from the finest hemp plants of Northern Colorado & carefully handcrafted into our products. Every batch of CBD isolate is tested for the highest quality, purity & potency.

Organically grown hemp that has been dried & cured to avoid pesticides, chemical fertilizers & heavy metals.

Hydro Carbon Extraction (HCE) allows for pure, high quality CBD concentrate to be separated from any remaining THC.

All raw materials are lab tested to ensure they meet the highest of quality before they are shipped to our facility.

Every batch of CBD is 3rd party lab tested to provide a conclusive result of purity & potency. All products arrive with a certificate of analysis (COA).

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Sour Twin Cherries, Sour Neon Bear Pouch, Sour Neon Worm Pouch, Watermelon Ring Pouch, Sour Rainbow Ribbons, Georgia Peach Rings

198 reviews for Kore Organic™ CBD Gummies 15mg/105x 7ct

  1. Maria B

    Love the gummy bears. There amazing!!!

  2. Tanya Marrow (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the 7 ct. Georgia Peach Rings CBD gummies. I had to order these after getting great results from a free sample that I received earlier. I suffer from anxiety & insomnia & these gummies have been a blessing. They help to calm my anxiety as well as help me to finally get some sleep. I’m a customer for life now!! P.S. They taste good too!!

  3. Shan (verified owner)

    The Best CBD Gumies I’ve ever had. Out of all the products these ive found to work the best and are my favorite! Its helped me with sleep, mood, and pain (shoulder, back, leg, cramps, generalized body ache). Taking them for a week really helps me.

  4. Lily andrews

    I’m in love with these

  5. Neet Dow

    Highly recommend it worked well for my joint pain

  6. Michele Dean

    These Kore CBS gummies are great! The flavor is actually really good. I have tried 2 other CBS gummies & both tasted so bad I gave them away. I was able to sleep for almost 7 hours without my neighbors dog barking waking me! I recommend trying these!

  7. Joy S. (verified owner)

    I really love these gummy products. The flavor is great and helps me relax and makes my joint pain not do bad and helps me sleep at night. I am glad I tried these and don’t need to try another company. Thank you – Joy

  8. Caitlin

    This was my first time trying CBD gummies, and I enjoyed them! Although they do taste distinctly different from standard gummy bears, but still taste great with strong fruity flavors. While I found that taking just one didn’t do much for me, taking two really helped to soften the edges a little bit and relax! I also appreciated the letter that came with my order. It really sounded like the company was interested in hearing their customers’ feedback and suggestions.

  9. Angela Z (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the gummy worms!! I can take half and it calms me. Love love love!

  10. Rosie

    These gummies are heaven sent. My pain has disappeared, wish I known about these a long time ago. Thanks Kore Organic!!!!!!

  11. Messysweetheart

    Great packaging, great product. Tastes like you’d expect a cbd gummy to taste. Slightly sweet and sour and slightly bitter but delicious. These were such a treat!

  12. Rena Drew

    Wonderful product. Helps me fall asleep quickly and without the morning after groggy feeling. My son has ADHD and on weekends we dont give him his meds – we tried a gummy to keep him calm and it worked like a charm and held its strength thruout the day!

  13. Pegane

    These gummies are amazing! I was having a horrible day and in so much pain and I took 2 of these and the pain just melted away.i was so relaxed that I was able to get some good restful sleep! These are a lifesaver

  14. Jenn Scott

    Was amazing

  15. Jenn Scott

    They are awesome…they helped me relax..gonna get more..

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