Kore Organic CBD Pet Product Collection

Pets love CBD too! Have you ever tried giving your pet CBD? We’ve seen so many benefits that have helped our furry friends with various ailments or behavior issues. Having the option for a natural alternative for them is great to have!

Our pet oils are combined with flavors with your pet in mind! Canadian maple bacon for pups and seafood medley for cats.  Add a few drops to their food each day to help give them the full body balance they deserve.

Our pet biscuits are another great option to help them get their daily dose of CBD! Made with all natural, organic ingredients, this is one treat you can feel good about them having. Plus, with real meat flavoring this is one treat your pet will do anything for!

Whether your pet has a health issue or deals with anxiety (separation or weather related), or if you are just looking to add more balanced nutrition to their life– our treats are a great option to try!

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