Kore Organic CBD Topical Collection

Looking for the perfect way to relax? Our TOUCH line has you covered! When we started working on this line, we wanted something that would be known as luxurious and rich, while also offering the benefits of CBD. We are pleased to announce that we have done that and so much more!

Taking care of your body, also means taking time for self care. Our TOUCH line gives you several different ways to indulge in self care while also focusing on nurturing the outside of your body. We offer 3 different scents for this line: AWAKE, SLEEP, and CALM. Each scent offers an energy that is great for what you need most.

Our mineral soak is made with rich ingredients from Dead Sea and Pink Himalayan Salt, to essential oils and CBD. Turn the water on warm, add a scoop or 2 of mineral soak, then slide into relaxation mode and let your fears fade away.

Our luxurious body lotion keeps your skin soft and vibrant with our high grade essential oils and organic CBD. Adding moisture to your skin is essential to keeping your skin looking and feeling good, our TOUCH lotion does exactly that.

Our massage oils are handcrafted to soothe and relax tired muscles. Helping to melt away tension and anxiety as the sensual scents of the oils absorb into the skin, leaving you feeling relaxed and nurtured.

An ache that just won’t go away? Pain Freeze is here to help! Say goodbye to pain as the natural elements of this formula relieve soreness, hot spots, and sun burns. CBD combined with the rich essential oils offers a winning combination to feeling better!

Finally, our newest addition to the TOUCH line is our 70% alcohol based hand sanitizer that helps you fight off germs and viruses you encounter in your daily life. Don’t leave home without it!

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